Quickbooks Accounting And Payroll Services

Littlebrook Accounting offers one on one, personalized instruction in QuickBooks. After consulting with you to find out what your business needs are, Kevin will set up an appointment with you to teach you how to use the software. The initial learning session lasts three hours, and only the features you need to know and use are covered. Because each type of business has different taxation and reporting needs, not all QuickBooks features need to be learned! This piece of information alone saves a lot of clients time and leaves them more peace of mind about not having to learn everything to get it right. We only teach you what you need to learn. Isn’t that a relief?

In the three hour session, we assess the following:

  1. Your actual office set up, hardware & internet connectivity
  2. Physical workspace and filing methods for your paperwork
  3. Actual walk-through in entering invoices, bills, etc.
  4. Providing feedback and instruction on using QuickBooks

Most clients find that after the session is over, and they begin doing data entry on their own, the thought that pops up is “I know Kevin showed me how to do this but I’m not sure I’m doing it right”. Don’t worry about it. Learning QuickBooks is a cumulative process and part of the initial 3 hour session includes setting up a remote desktop functionality from your computer to our servers.

This allows us to work with you over the phone while seeing your computer screen as you’re doing data entry, in order to provide feedback as you’re doing it. In our experience, it always takes several sessions for clients to attain confidence in using QuickBooks on their own.


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